Dick Stroudís book is a persuasive argument that fundamental change is needed to shake marketers from their comfort zone - one that leaves them unwilling to explore a new model that includes older consumers in their sales planning."

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The 50-Plus Market

The book successfully examines a market that has been overlooked as a result of decades-old myths, lack of research, and the narcissistic, youth oriented makeup of the advertising industry. This is an excellent book for companies looking to stay ahead of an inevitable demographic change instead of being swamped by it."
Strategy+Business (Booz Allen Hamilton) Best Business Books of 2006

Company Presidents please note - your current marketers are about to make the same mistake as their predecessors, ignoring the 50+ consumer until they're one themselves and retired. But there is a solution - give them this book to read immediately."
Michael Harvey, Consumer Planning Director, Diageo

There is no such thing as age, the World can only be segmented based on behaviour; that is assuming you believe segmentation is still possible. The future of Marketing is based on even handed, intelligent, inclusive strategies. Read this book in detail and take the risk. Do as it recommends."
Simon Thompson, Marketing Director, Honda (UK)

Dick Stroudís book is a persuasive argument that fundamental change is needed to shake marketers from their comfort zone - one that leaves them unwilling to explore a new model that includes older consumers in their sales planning."

To say that the over 50s is a neglected market would be the understatement of the decade. Dick Stroud has written this fascinating, fact-filled book on how to target this growing and extremely prosperous group. It is a veritable cornucopia of facts, information and guidelines. It is as good as an encyclopaedia and deserves to be a best seller."
Professor Malcolm McDonald, Emeritus Professor of Marketing, Cranfield School of Management

With persuasive (even obsessive) attention to detail Dick Stroud shows how wrinklies are a huge and virtually untapped market."
Wally Olins, Chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants and wrinklie.

The over 50s are the richest, most abundant, most available and most ad appreciative section of society, yet our ageist assumptions prevent us from successfully engaging them. This book is a wake up call to all marketers - ignore it (and this audience) at your peril."
Michael Baulk, Chairman & Chief Executive, Abbott Mead Vickers Group Ltd.

Too often the 50 plus market is overlooked as an unattractive and unprofitable one. Dick Stroud clearly points out that this is very much far from being the truth. This book gives some insight as to the impact and attitude differences that marketers need to consider. There are also some excellent examples of how some organisations have got it right including those operating in the area of new media."
Christine Cryne, Executive Director, The Chartered Institute of Marketing

A thoughtful, well-researched and thorough exploration of the 50 plus market. Every marketer should read this book."
John Pickett, Head of Market & Media Research, Saga

A wake up call for marketers serious about growing their business, essential reading for anyone trying to understand the 50 plus market."
Richard Reed, Co-founder & Marketing Director, Innocent

Marketers have been slow in recognising the value of the 50 Plus market. This book provides an excellent guide to understanding and marketing to the older consumer."
Chris Zanetti, Managing Director, Seven Seas

There have been many pleas in recent years to address the needs of the 'grey market', but Dick Stroud has provided the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of this market published to date. If this book does not generate a changed attitude by marketers (and others in economic and political circles) towards this age group, then I fear that nothing will."
Peter Mouncey, Director of Research, Institute of Direct Marketing

As one of what Dick Stroud calls "The Charmed Generation" I am astonished that ad agencies and marketing folk still chase the younger age groups in blatant contradiction to the relative amounts of disposable income. Marketers must change their perception and approach to the 50 plus. This book is a good starting point."
Dr Michael Chamberlain, Former head of IBM's Business Consulting Services for Media & Entertainment in EMA.

Dick Stroud's book is a wake-up call to companies that are focused on mining ever-thinner seams of younger consumers, to see the opportunity that the 50+ market presents."
Andrew Walmsley, Founder, i-level

More than 50% of the UK population is now over 50. Dick Stroud faces up to the painful truths about ageing, but explodes the many marketing myths about this target group. This book is essential reading for marketing executives of all ages."
Hugh Burkitt, Chief Executive, The Marketing Society

Acknowledging that the 50-plus consumer is foreign territory to many marketers, the book provides a "how to" guide for key elements of marketing strategy. A well written, enjoyable book that has relevance far beyond the boundaries of the marketing department.