I am astonished that ad agencies and marketing folk still chase the younger age groups in blatant contradiction to the relative amounts of disposable income. Marketers must change their perception and approach to the 50 plus. This book is a good starting point."
Dr Michael Chamberlain, Former head of IBM's Business Consulting Services for Media & Entertainment

Chapter 4 : A global snapshot

This chapter gives a global snapshot of how the situation differs around the world. Rather than using data and charts to tell the story this chapter relates the views of marketers working in each of the geographic regions. They provide, in their own words, an insight into the way companies and marketers are reacting to their populations growing older. The way they tell their stories is very different but there is a single consistent message: companies and marketers are failing to react to the reality of the changing age demographic.

These marketers helped write this chapter:

  • Asia Allein Moore - Founder and Editor of AdAsia.
  • Australia Gill Walker - Director of Evergreen marketing communications consultancy.
  • France Frederic Serriere - CEO of Senior Strategic and publisher of theMatureMarket.com.
  • Scandinavia Chris Evers - Founder of Inspirum marketing consultancy.
  • UK Reg Starkey - A veteran of the UK's advertising industry, writer and TV broadcaster.
  • US Chuck Nyren - Consultant and author of Advertising to the Baby Boomer generation.